A Slice of Home

A Piece of Home

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The adage goes that a picture “is worth a thousand words.” In my case, it serves as a memento to time spent in one of my favorite cities.

What are your beloved cities? What cultural experiences do you value most from (international) travel?

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  1. I wonder, how much of linguist purists we need to be? Go with a flow, or stick to the traditional grammar? Checking various blogs it looks like a turbo language takes over. Good/bad/interesting?

    1. From what I gather, museums or musea are both acceptable. As far as grammar goes, I think a blog filled with grammatical errors is not appealing. It’s about writing with a personable, knowledgeable voice.

  2. Museums, or musea? Just asking…The story is funny for you to tell but a knick in our traveling record. Sorry for that Q, but as a journalist you need to have an answer…. I’m sure you have… What’s correct?

  3. I refrained (so far) from posting any comments as family members writing might be perceived as a “family sponsored” blog. It would take away from the impartiallity of this forum.. But here I am – Mama Orlemans – taking a plunge!
    Yes, I do remember our trip to Paris when Nic was a toddler. It was on one of our wedding anniversary trips (with Nic as an integral part of the marriage/family). To make it enjoyable for our daughter we went to the EuroDisney at the outskirts of Paris. Never again!!!!!!
    The make believe reality made Nic ask us – when we got to Paris itself – whether the L’arc de Triumph in Paris was a part of Disney….
    As much fun as Disney parks can be for some, I would encourage parents to take their children to the real world. Whether they are the local nature reserves, city parks, or beautiful national parks and city sights, the real experience – in my opinion – beats the the commercial reality. Hopefully we exposed our daughter to enough flavors of the world to make her forget about our infamous EuroDisney trip….

    1. Hi mom!

      Oh EuroDisney…I still tell friends the “L’arc de Triumph being part of EuroDisney” story, haha! I think it’s funny, but agree that there are many, many more cultural sights to explore! I’ve always enjoyed parks, museums, and nature reserves, as each tell its own history or leaves a cultural footprint.

  4. Thanks for sharing your impressions! I was really young (a toddler) when I visited Paris. Will need to go back to appreciate the architecture and art museums, like you did! I can imagine it would be very interesting to trace Louisa’s sister as well! As far as London goes, the food is indeed an “acquired” taste, but the history of the city captivates you all-around. It’s also one of my favorites!

    Oh House Hunters! I know which episode you’re talking about! Despite the recent news about the show being “staged” (it’s TV), I don’t see its popularity dwindling anytime soon! Hope you had a great trip in California!

  5. Nice pic, reminds me of the House Hunters International episode where the couple was buying a house boat. One of my favorite all-time episodes. 🙂

    I haven’t traveled all that much but I have been to London and Paris. I was too young (high school) when I visited Paris but I still loved the architecture and art museums, plus the quarter where the artists sit outside on the streets and paint. Now I wish I could go back knowing about Louisa May Alcott’s sister May, the artist. It would be cool to trace her.

    I was older when I went to London. The food was awful! BUT, that city really gave me a sense of history! Goodness, we’re just babes here in the states. Seeing buildings that are 1000 years old really gives you a new perspective. 🙂

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