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Soccer, or football in Europe, is a serious social and cultural connector. Fans paint their faces in country flag colors, wear uniforms, and take over bars or each other’s homes by the masses. The best memories I have of watching soccer are those surrounded by family and friends. During games, you can catch fans chanting, screaming, laughing, crying, and occasionally get upset with the referees. But what unites them is their love for the game – a small symbol of national pride. In Holland, you’ll see a sea of orange adorn the street. Fans take it as seriously as Americans enjoy their basketball, football, hockey, or baseball.

June 8 kicked off the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship – or Euro 2012. This year, Poland and Ukraine are hosting nations. Sixteen teams will battle it out for the cup, but my favorites will always be The Netherlands (we lost the game against Denmark, sadly) and Poland (tied 1-1 against Greece).

Soccer’s popularity unfortunately has also subjected it to hooliganism and negativity. This year, there was even news of racism towards some of the players.

6 thoughts on “Soccer Culture

  1. I never really followed sports back home but the spirit of soccer abroad truly is an inspiring and fun way to tap into the culture and bond with the locals.

    1. Hello! Thanks for writing in! Soccer is so embedded in the culture of certain (European) countries. In the US, people get equally excited about basketball or football, and in other countries it may be the same for tennis or golf or volleyball. In Europe, it’s very difficult not to fall into the soccer culture – even if you’re not a huge fan of the game itself, it does create a huge bonding opportunity!

  2. I loved your descriptive take on the spirit and excitement of soccer! It makes me wish I was this passionate it! Just this weekend, I enjoyed watching cars whizz by with their patriotic flags flapping madly in the air! Just that alone made me smile! I can’t imagine what it would be like to attend one of these events! Thanks for allowing me that experience through your writing! =D

    1. Thank you! To me, soccer isn’t just about the game – you bond over a fun experience with family, friends and even complete strangers! All types of sports have that powerful uniting quality. Your travel experiences and writing make me smile, too! I enjoy reliving my own childhood memories which come to mind when I read your adventures!

      1. Aaaawwww … thanks Nicolette! That means a LOT coming from YOU, as I deeply admire your writing style! I am thrilled that my writing brings happy memories and smiles, because that is what makes blogging worthwhile! 🙂 I’m so pleased to have met you on WordPress! 😀

        1. I’m likewise pleased to have met you on WordPress! Thank you for the sweet compliment, I appreciate it! Keep up the great photography and writing! I look forward to reading/viewing it!

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